Italian Labour Law e-Journal

Italian Labour Law e-Journal (ILLeJ) – ISSN 1561-8048 is an open-access peer-reviewed Journal aiming at the advancement of comparative studies on current labour law topics.

Italian Labour Law e-Journal is an open-access peer-reviewed Journal aiming at the advancement of comparative studies on current labour law topics.

The journal is published in English on a biannual basis. Each issue includes a main section dedicated to a specific theme, and a miscellaneous reserved to spontaneous submissions.

ISSN 1561-8048

Vol 13, No 1S (2020): Special Issue: Covid-19 and Labour Law. A Global Review

This special issue of the Italian Labour Law e-Journal intends to provide a systematic and informative overview on the measures set out by lawmakers and/or social partners in a number of countries of the world to address the impact on the Covid-19 emergency on working conditions and business operations. The aim is to understand which labour law norms and institutions and which workplace arrangements are being deployed in the different legal systems to tackle the global health crisis. Another aim is to find whether and to what extent the established body of laws is proving able to cope with the problems raised by the current extraordinary situation or whether, on the contrary, new special regulations are being introduced. The national reports may be subject to updating in case of major changes.

Table of Contents

Beryl ter Haar, Emanuele Menegatti, Iacopo Senatori, Elena Sychenko

National Reports

Facundo Martin Chiuffo
Anthony Forsyth
Martin Risak
Kirill Tomashevski
Alexander De Becker
Nedim Hogic
Ana Virginia Moreira Gomes, Eduardo Rocha Dias
David J. Doorey
Pablo Arellano Ortiz, Andrés Ahumada Salvo, Natalia Astudillo Sanhueza
Wenwen Ding
Juan Pablo López Moreno, Luz Angela Duarte González, Juliana Morad
Ivana Grgurev
Christiana Cleridou
Mette Soested, Natalie Videbaek Munkholm
Javier A. Suarez A.
Merle Erikson
Annika Rosin
Nicolas Moizard
Giacomo Di Federico
Zakaria Shvelidze
Rüdiger Krause, Jonas Walter Kühn
Effrosyni Bakirtzi
Tamás Gyulavári
Elín Blöndal
Saurabh Bhattacharjee
Petra Mahy
Elaheh Zabeh
David Mangan
Einat Albin, Guy Mundlak
Chiara Gaglione, Ilaria Purificato, Olga P. Rymkevich
Qi Zhong
Abigail Osiki
Zane Rasnača
Sari Madi
Alfredo Sánchez-Castañeda, José Pablo Hernández Ramírez
Hanneke Bennaars, Beryl ter Haar
Dawn Duncan
Philip Osarobo Odiase
Bernard Johann Mulder
Elena Gerasimova
Iftikhar Ahmad
Tequila J. Brooks
Rowena R. Ricalde
Izabela Florczak
David Carvalho Martins
Sion Gil
Leonardo Battista
Dragana Ranđelović
Iuliia Ostrovskaia
Federico Fusco
Viktor Križan
Barbara Kresal
Stefan van Eck
Rafael Gómez Gordillo
Caroline Johansson, Niklas Selberg
Kurt Pärli
Wanning Hsu
Ceren Kasım
Yana Simutina, Sergii Venediktov
Tonia Novitz
Federico Rosenbaum Carli
Richard Bales
James Kayula