The Proposal for an EU Directive on adequate Minimum Wages and its impact on Italy


  • Massimiliano Delfino University of Naples Federico II



Minimum Wages, Collective Bargaining, Statutory Intervention, EU Competence


This contribution aims to assess the effects on the Italian legal order of the proposed directive of the European Union on minimum wages. The approach adopted in the research was that of the legal-regulatory analysis of the provisions of the proposal and their effects on the Italian statutory and collective sources. The approval of the directive would require the Italian legislator to take transposition action even if it were not decided to introduce legislation on minimum wages. The research has the limit of placing a proposal for a directive at the centre of the investigation which is not known whether and in which version it will be approved but the contribution constitutes a useful tool available to the European and domestic legislators to understand the constraints and potential of regulatory intervention on the matter. The original features of the research are represented by the delimitation of the boundaries of the Union's competence in the field of remuneration and the interaction between the EU and Italian legal dimensions.




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Delfino, M. (2021). The Proposal for an EU Directive on adequate Minimum Wages and its impact on Italy. Italian Labour Law E-Journal, 14(1), 49–65.