National Recovery and Resilience Plan: Sweden


  • Andrea Iossa Kristianstad University



Sweden, NextGenerationEU, National Recovery and Resilience Plan, Labour market reforms, Social Europe


This contribution illustrates the main elements of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan presented by the Swedish government in 2022 in the context of the NextGenerationEU Action Plan. Along with an overview of its general features, this contribution focuses on the Plan’s social and labour components. It illustrates the reforms and measures the Swedish government presented in order to tackle major problems on the labour market, including inclusion of marginal groups, job training to improve skills in key professions, such as health and elder care, and to facilitate job transition, and to tackle labour shortages in key sectors such as elder care and education. The contribution also reviews the role of the social partners in dealing with the labour market effects of the Covid-19 pandemic through collective bargaining. There is also a retrospective analysis of their role in the 2008 economic crisis.




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Iossa, A. (2022). National Recovery and Resilience Plan: Sweden. Italian Labour Law E-Journal, 15(1S).