National Recovery and Resilience Plan: France


  • Konstantina Chatzilaou CY Cergy Paris Université



French Recovery and Resilience Plan, Social dimension, Vocational training for young people, Healthcare, Unemployment insurance, Retirement pensions


France’s Recovery and Resilience Plan was submitted to the European Commission on 28 April 2021, in accordance with Art. 18 of Regulation (EU) 2021/241 establishing the Recovery and Resilience Facility. Being a part of a broader national recovery plan named ‘France Relance’, it consists of 20 reforms and 71 investments in three main areas: green transition, digital transition, and social and territorial cohesion. With particular regard to social issues, the French plan puts a strong focus on youth labour market integration and health care, while being relatively poor in measures relevant to labour law and social protection. Overall, although the plan demonstrates a certain openness towards social growth, it also contains some austerity-driven reforms, especially in the fields of unemployment insurance and retirement pensions, thereby confirming the (still) strong link between social policies and financial sustainability.




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