National Recovery and Resilience Plan: Hungary


  • Tamás Gyulavári Pázmány Péter Catholic University



Hungary, Conditionality regulation, Health care reform, Catching-up settlements


For the Hungarian government the debate was not really about the details of the NextGenerationEU plan, but rather how to hinder the conditionality regulation. Finally, a compromise was reached to suspend application of the conditionality regime until the CJEU ruling, which was delivered on 16 February 2022, confirming the regulation’s validity. The European Commission sent a letter to the Hungarian government to start the conditionality mechanism on 5 April 2022. At the same time, the European Commission has not given the greenlight to Hungary for the NextGenerationEU fund. Hungary’s Recovery and Resilience Plan focuses on health and transport, and little attention has been paid to social issues. As an exception, an innovative programme is planned to support catching-up settlements




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