National Recovery and Resilience Plan: Greece


  • Manos Matsaganis Polytechnic University of Milan
  • Georgios Manalis University of Edinburgh



Greece, NRRP, Growth model, Skills, Jobs, Social services


The NextGenerationEU plan is a golden opportunity for those Member States that were most badly hit, first, by the debt crisis, and then by the Covid-19 pandemic. Greece, one of the largest beneficiaries in per capita terms, is due to receive very significant resources that can help arrest the decline of the 2010s. Can these resources be spent wisely and efficiently enough to kickstart the process of inclusive and sustainable growth? This paper briefly reviews the Greek National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Greece 2.0), assessing its potential contribution to upgrading the economy’s growth model, enhancing skills, boosting employment and improving social services.




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Matsaganis, M., & Manalis, G. . (2022). National Recovery and Resilience Plan: Greece. Italian Labour Law E-Journal, 15(1S).