COVID-19 and Labour Law: Slovakia


  • Viktor Križan Trnava University



Covid-19, Labour Law, Sickness benefit, Nursing benefit, Projects to support job retention, Labour Code, Social Insurance Act, Employment Services Act


As Slovakia is one of the least affected countries in terms of the spread of the disease, except for doctors and employees in social services facilities, there was no serious threat to the health of employees. However, this is not due to the economic consequences of the pandemic, which threaten the competitiveness of employers. The new government tried to respond to the situation with legislative measures, which were adopted in quick succession, without discussion with the social partners and often in the form of indirect amendments, which in turn it makes it more difficult in orientation in the legislation. However, thanks to the intervention of the social partners, no measures have been taken that would worsen the position of employees in employment relations. The promised financial assistance for job retention is running very slowly.



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