COVID-19 and Labour Law: Finland


  • Annika Rosin University of Turku



Covid-19, Labour Law, Lay-offs, Unemployment Benefits, Probationary Period, Re-employment


The amendments of labour and social law provisions adopted due to Covid-19 in Finland reflect balancing the interests of the employers and the employees. The measures adopted have been agreed with labour market organisations. On one hand, the Government has aimed to maintain jobs by broadening the possibilities for temporary lay-off, on the other hand, the livelihood of employees has been guaranteed by unemployment benefits. Also, the flexibilization of the employment contract during probationary period has been accompanied with the stricter rules concerning the re-employment of the dismissed employee. Finally, the Government has broadened the unemployment security to entrepreneurs, that has especially contributed to the livelihood of self-employed entrepreneurs.



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Rosin, A. (2020). COVID-19 and Labour Law: Finland. Italian Labour Law E-Journal, 13(1S).