COVID-19 and Labour Law: Turkey


  • Ceren Kasım Göttingen University



COVID-19, Labour Law, Short-time work, Health and safety, Dismissal ban, Unpaid leave


To counteract the effects of the pandemic on working relations, Turkish labour law, for the first time ever, imposed a ban on dismissals for all services and employment contracts. On the other hand, employers have been given the right to put their employees fully or partially on unpaid leave. Employers have been given the opportunity to apply for a short-time work fund, and the conditions for benefitting from this fund have been eased. Collective bargaining periods, periods for collective labour agreements and the resolution of collective labour disputes, and strike and lockout periods have been extended.



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Kasım, C. (2020). COVID-19 and Labour Law: Turkey. Italian Labour Law E-Journal, 13(1S).