COVID-19 and Labour Law: Portugal


  • David Carvalho Martins University of Lisbon



Covid-19, Labour Law, Remote work, Layoffs


Covid-19 is changing the world of labour. On the one hand, we are probably facing the first massive worldwide experience on teleworking, with intensive use of technologies (eg. videoconference). However, it is perhaps the most challenging moment to do it. In fact, the workers are forced to stay at home, but simultaneously to provide assistance to their parents or grandparents (groups at risk), to take care of their children and to provide the necessary means for the “school at distance” and to assist their children to continue studying remotely. On the other hand, we are dealing with several layoffs by mean of reduction of working time or suspension of the employment contract, affecting more than 500 thousand workers (above 10% of the workforce in Portugal). The collective redundancies, non-renewal of fixed-term contracts and the termination during the trial are also increasing, along with the lack – or substantial reduction – of the activity of self-employed workers. If the crisis lasts for a couple of months, the majority of the micro and small companies will conceivably disappear.



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